#inktober or bust

Well, I said I'd do it and let's see how well I hold up to my word. It (my word) has been flimsier than usual these days, but it's the journey not the destination, right? RIGHT?

I recall reading somewhere, and I'm going to butcher this, that someone talked to Will Eisner about the eminent doom of the comic book. His response was essentially that "doom" has always been in the forecast, and that it hasn't happened yet and he believed the form would always prevail. And throughout all that doomsaying, giving up, and abandoning of the craft the only thing that remained was the work of those who prevailed. Those who prevailed.

Well, I think I could apply that philosophy to other things happening in my life/the world right now and be able to get through another day!

Here's my first #inktober work. I'm keeping an eye on the social medias for everyone else's pieces and am thrilled to see so many participating. Keep working! Keep creating! Keep being awesome! Prevail!

ghost i1.jpg