Inktober! And a quasi-solemn oath.

It's been brought to my attention that I've been terrible at maintaining my website! It ain't easy keeping track of everything, lemme tell you, and I've always been just awful at staying on top of getting the word out.

Last weekend was the workshop at the International School Of Comics in Chicago, and it was fantastic. I had a great time working with the participants and, hopefully, they all walked out feeling a little more comfortable with their brushes.

This month is "Inktober", where folks try to touch ink to paper every day and post it with that hashtag. EVERY day is an ink day for me, pretty much, but I like participating in this annual event anyway. I'll try not to cheat and just post whatever I'm working on for "work" and try to do something original each day (or equivalent to each day). I'll share all this jazz on social media but I'll be sure to post it hear as well, just to keep "in the mix" with the "website" "quotation marks".

In the meanwhile, here's an older "Coma D Clown" illo! Plenty of ink in this sucker.

Coma Noir.jpg