Upcoming shows!

Well here we are, 2019! Yay?

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that EDGEBRIGHT & LEOFWYN: THE GIFT has been completely told on jimterrycomics.com - if you haven’t, feel free to swing over there and you can read the whole epic for free! (there’s a link on this page)

Next weekend (Feb 23) I’ll be at the NWI Comic-con (Northwest Indiana) with a bunch of other Chicago folk as well as talent from all over the midwest… Of course I’ll have original art, prints and books so swing on by!

Let’s not forget C2E2, March 22-24, the biggest convention in this part of the country! I’ll be at table G-4 and I’ll have some new goodies. I won’t have any of the sequential stuff I’ve been working on (yet), but I should have a new banner and for those who are into it I SHOULD have a new Artbook - vol 2, which concentrates on HORROR ART! Ooooh!

If you’re jonesing for art in the meanwhile, lately I’ve been posting new stuff on instagram and you can find the link at the bottom of this page - otherwise, I have some exciting new projects in the works that aren’t quite ready to unveil yet so stay tuned!

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day but I hope this year is treating you as well as it can, and maybe we’ll run into each other soon. Thanks for keeping up!