It's been a while, ooooops

Well, so much for my continual updates! A bit has been going on and most of it is good, so here's a recap:

Emerald City Comicon just finished, and as you didn't read here I was there with brand new work! So glad I shared about it. TRASH BRIDGE, written by Ryan Browne and Steve Seeley and illustrated by me, was unleashed on the world at ECCC. There was a limited run of 300 and we're halfway through those. The future of TRASH BRIDGE is uncertain, on a knife's edge as the saying goes, so get your copy while you can. Ryan has put it on his etsy page, here's a link:

Cover by Tradd Moore

Cover by Tradd Moore

So that's pretty cool!

I'll also be at C2E2 here in my home town in April, so keep an eye out for that!

And I'll have news about EDGEBRIGHT & LEOFWYN soon, I promise! I'm still chugging away at it and having a wonderful time.

Thank you to everyone I met or hung out with at Emerald City - you made the trip a success.