Well, as is usually the case, I dropped something with absolutely no warning! Businessman! Showman! Entertainer! Slacker! Fool!

Yesterday a friend helped me set up the site jimterrycomics.com and we dumped the first three pages of EDGEBRIGHT & LEOFWYN: THE GIFT right then and there. There is a link at the top of this page where you can access this completely free story, and I only ask that if you enjoy it please pass it along to someone you think will also like it!

The story was completed some time ago during a time of great change in my life, and I self published them in black & white and sold them at conventions. I figured that was probably the end of things, but life has pushed me around a little and I had to look back to my friends E&L for a little strength and found they were still in trouble. I am currently working on "E&L: THE BANNER OF THE SERPENT", which finds them a bit older but still young and foolish and full of courage and emotion, facing new and deadlier trials.

I've cleaned up some of the awful lettering on THE GIFT, as well as added color, and am sharing it now a page a week (give or take) until it's completed. I'll also share the short story "PYG", which features Edgebright in a solo adventure, before dropping the big hint: a kickstarter to collect the whole saga thus far, including the fully completed BANNER OF THE SERPENT.

This is a passion project - it's what I do when I have 5 minutes of free time, and I want it to be as epic and beautiful as I can make it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it, and if you do please pass the word along!

Much obliged.