Boy am I bad at keeping up with things! Just got back from Albuquerque for the 3rd annual Indigenous Comic-con, and it was amazing. If I saw you there, thank you for coming out for it! I met some incredible people with very exciting ideas for how to keep creativity flourishing, and got to hang with one of my favorite people in the world Tim Truman and his amazing family. Altogether it was an inspiring show, and I’m looking forward to participating in whatever capacity I’m able for any future shows Lee Francis puts together!

I’m still putting 1 page a week online at (link above) of EDGEBRIGHT & LEOFWYN: THE GIFT, and am getting toward the finish line on that. When that wraps up it’s decision time… I have 4 additional issues of the saga completed and am trying to figure the best way to present it. More on that later!

Let me know how you’re doing and if you’re enjoying/loathing the story thus far. In the meanwhile I’m done with conventions until late February, so I’m just gonna buckle down against the cold and keep hammering out the art!

I feel like I can’t end it without saying something quick about Stan “The Man” Lee. He was 95 years old and missed his wife, so I can’t say I was surprised or angered by his passing. He led a great life and achieved legend status (within his lifetime), and from everything I’ve ever heard or read he was exactly the man he appeared to be - a childlike love of the world, endlessly enthusiastic and as beautifully cornball as his alter ego. The man shaped my life as though he were family - he was the Uncle who told me stories on Saturday morning, his voice was a guarantee that something amazing was on the way. The universe he helped create taught me how to be a good human being, instilling in me a sense of empathy in a clear way and ham-fistedly encouraging me never to give up, no matter what the odds. Modern mythology. My tastes would develop and change over the years but there will always be a sense of wonder with those early stories… especially Spider-Man - who to me was the greatest hero of all time when I was young. Hats off, Uncle Stan!

And finally - For those of you who might not know (or have forgotten), Stan had a monthly editorial column he called “Stan’s Soapbox”. There are those these days who say comics should not make “statements”, that they never have. I don’t know what books these folks were reading, but I’ll just leave this here below - from The Man himself.