Happy New Year

Well, 2017 is over and what a year it was. Not going to bore you with a retrospective, I'll just say I hope '18 is a step up - globally and personally. It was a rough one for me and I've let my work slide a little, not enough time spent at the drawing table and I'm going to do my best to change that this year.

I've also been working quietly on a personal project that I hope to unleash very soon, "Edgebright & Leofwyn", a fantasy story that's pretty near and dear to me. Once I have all the technical pieces in place I'll reveal a little more, right now I'm still figuring that all out and doing all the fun (drawing) work in the background.

It's freezing here in Chicago. Very cold.

Oh yes, I will be opening myself to commissions as well this year, so if you've got something you really want to see me draw, hit me up. Send me an email.

So cold. More later.